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Our mission is to harness the power of vision science to provide everyone with technology that gives ultimate control, mastery and freedom to produce, distribute and exhibit visually stunning content.


Vision science for color grading artists

The first product of LUCID is a software tool based on state-of-the-art vision science models that colour-corrects footage in real time. It performs a technical grade that closely matches the manual results of professional high-end colorists, and empowers the creator with tools to create a superior image. 

The core technology has applications in cinema, broadcast, video production, photography, gaming and AR/VR/XR.

Original log camera footage

Camera LUT applied

Our automatic starting point

Custom look working from our starting point

Developed with cinema creators, validated by professional colorists

The involvement of cinema professionals has been key in the development of our color grading tool. And in blind tests, professional colorists have consistently preferred our tool over the state of the art methods from academia and the industry.

Starting Point Curve

Automatically generates a natural-looking beautiful balanced image by analysing the content


Simple yet powerful controls for creating a stylised look


Can be adapted for any camera or synthetic 3D scene

Any Display

Takes the display characteristics and viewing conditions into account

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