Company Mission and Vision

Lucid is a Vision Technology company fitting the global digital video and imaging industries with cutting edge software and hardware solutions.

Our aim is to harness the power of vision science to provide everyone with technology that gives ultimate control, mastery and freedom to produce, distribute and exhibit visually stunning content. Intelligently saving you valuable time.

The LUCID Team



CSO, co-founder. Marcelo Bertalm√≠o is a world-renowned, highly-cited researcher with over 20 years of experience in image processing. Marcelo combines the disciplines of vision science, visual neuroscience and applied mathematics to mathematically model vision. 



CTO, co-founder. Gino Bollaert is a creative tools designer and developer with expertise in image and sound processing. He developed state-of-the-art interactive sound composition software used by game studios such as Microsoft, Sony, Disney and EA and is now adapting our vision science to industry tools.



CEO, co-founder. Tobias Webster is an established, award-winning producer working across the mediums of advertising, film and television. Having successfully managed live action film productions on nearly every continent on earth, he has gained a strong network of industry contacts. 



CMO, co-founder. Jordi J. Recort has established marketing and channel developing experience in the industry previously working with companies like Apple, Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Media100, Radius or Truevision and now running a distribution company that provides film, video & television products to the industry.



Visionary serial entrepreneur, consultant, and NED with 25+ years experience in SAAS

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